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  Growth & Development

Skills, initiative, and talent get recognized at Converge. Talented individuals aren't locked into narrow career tracks at Converge. We offer a lot of flexibility, change, and growth for all individuals.We expect the best and in return, we believe in acknowledgement and appreciation of achievements. We also acknowledge the service of our employees and believe that a long career with Open Text has mutual benefits. Converge encourages employees to take an active, hands-on approach to their professional development.

Each year, all employees go through a performance management review.  In addition to evaluating past performance, the review indicates areas for enhancement, provides valuable direction for professional and career development, defines performance expectations, provides 360 feedback, and helps employees set short-term and long-range goals for both their current role and future opportunities and challenges.


The Work


  Challenging work, experiences, and assignments


  Variety, with constant change


  Work with professional colleagues from around the world


  Utilizing the latest technologies




  Continuous learning


  Commitment to your personal and professional development


  On-the-Job Training


  A learning mix of opportunities


Grow personally and professionally. Experience the atmosphere we cultivate and our commitment to values. It is our vision of teamwork, integrity and respect for the individual. We remain committed to making our vision a reality through our focus on:


Converge is an equal opportunity employer.

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