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Converge boasts of its technical and process mentors who have a defined KRA of researching & analyzing the new and upcoming technologies & processes. They pass on their knowledge to the other resources in the organization by organizing regular training sessions on these technologies and processes so that the resources are always on top of them.We have accessed various new and upcoming technologies, such as AJAX and Ruby on Rails. These technologies are amongst the latest in market. Ajax (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) has emerged as a powerful platform for building web applications with extensive client-side interactivity.

To facilitate easy and rapid management of information, dimension we employs AJAX liberally in every high-use area to ensure that only the smallest amount of data travels to-and-fro between your web browser and the dimensionwe service.
Unlike older approaches, which require reloading of the entire page with every postback, Ajax uses the JavaScript DOM, the XMLHttpRequest object, XML, and CSS to download and display just the content that needs to change. Converge team is currently working with Ruby on Rails to develop web applications. We adopted this technology to make use of its advantages - it requires less code and does not require any configuration file except database configuration file. Using Ruby on Rails, we can develop a web application according to Model View Controller (MVC) pattern in a full-stack framework.


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