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  Outsourced Development

Outsource product development has caught the imagination of the entire business world. Sometimes, an enterprise opts for outsourced product development to manage costs, boost bottom line and save time for core activities. Our services have constantly transformed to complement our customer's vision.Our services enables clients to focus more on understanding customer needs, achieve better product positioning and enhance customer satisfaction. The software enterprise does what it does best - identify market needs and generate ideas to develop new products.




  Strong experience in Software Product Engineering


  Product mind-set as opposed to contract-programming


  Fine Tuned processes and product focused practices


  Exposure to Latest Technologies


  Overcoming the challenges is core to our services


Outsourced software product development is primarily a means of leveraging an expert organization's resources and infusing new thought, skills and expertise, while reducing time to market. Outsourced Product Development is the obvious remedy to the current market scenario where technology, skills and approaches are momentary. This volatility nature of technology, skills and methodologies can be converted into an advantage by outsourcing the product Development.Our world-class management team is constantly sharpening its techniques and refining its approaches to help our clients strike the right balance between cost and quality, and we look beyond the contractual side of a business agreement to see the "softer" issues that impact our clients' success. Perhaps this is why most of our business comes from long-term clients. In their view, we may not be the largest, but we are their best partner in meeting their outsourcing needs.


We understand outsourced product development (OPD) requires the offshore team to work in very close collaboration with the client's engineering team. In the process, partnering with Converge for your product development services helps you leverage a strong value proposition, low time to market, reduced development costs and quality manpower. Converge utilizes its product development expertise and product development and engineering frameworks to provide end-to-end product development services. We offer specialized product development services as well as end-to-end product development services based on client needs. At Converge we believe that software product development is different from custom software development and requires extra skills and competencies apart from handling project life-cycle phases.

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