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Industry, compliance and corporate governance issues affect which solutions you choose.The key to compliance with corporate governance standards is to ensure that consistent processes are rapidly deployed throughout an organization. Key business drivers within each industry create your organization's value. Each contain core processes comprised of primary activities. Together business drivers make up an industry's Value Chain. Solutions are most successful when they are designed and implemented in the context of the relevant value chain. Converge Industry Solutions are based on a framework providing the right task and resource (activity) support for the processes in your industry value chain.


At Converge, our focus is to provide world class business solutions to a wide range of businesses using cutting edge IT components. Relationship building and in depth understanding of the business processes have helped us provide high quality rapid solutions at affordable prices. Our commitment to provide answers to our clients, which are in line with their business objectives and cultural values, has helped us cater to the needs of a large group of clients.


Converge Info Systems has wide range of domain expertise in the following areas:


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